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Fentanyl: A Plausible Causal Relationship image

Fentanyl: A Plausible Causal Relationship

Based on a peer-reviewed article in Medical Hypothesis, authors Dr. Karin Cadwell and Dr. Kajsa Brimdyr explore a question about the use of fentanyl in epidurals, and the current opioid epidemic. Drug poisoning deaths have more than doubled in the United States since 2000 with fentanyl and fentanyl analogues primarily responsible for the jump in opioid deaths. Robust data indicate a convincing correlation between the exposure of the fetus to other labor medications (morphine, pethidine hydrochloride, barbiturates, phenobarbitone, meperidine, and secobarbital) and the later addiction of young adults to the same category of drug. 1 contact hour for RN’s, 1L CERPS for IBCLCs, 1 contact hour for CLCs. Module includes article, video, test, and evaluation. Posttest requires a passing grade of 75%.

Course Originally Released on: 09/23/2019

Date of Most Recent Review: 09/23/2019

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